Bailing's client's acknowledge successful treatment at Total Health Acupuncture in West Springfield, MA:

"I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had lost over fifteen pounds in the hospital for two weeks. I crawled into the school of Tai Chi and walked out. I felt the difference in my body. I was so grateful, I started crying."

-Pam Pelletier, Enfield, CT

"Bailing, thank you from the bottom of my heart for curing the very severe heel pain...Acupuncture also cured my high blood pressure."

-Isobel Skukowski, Enfield CT

"Doctor Bailing Li's acupuncture treatments helped me to quit my thirty one years of smoking."

-Dr. James Larrow, Amherst MA

"The acupuncture helped me. My fully paralyzed left arm is now able to function almost 100% and I am able to walk almost like I did before my stroke."

-Joyce Catania, Enfield CT

"I had been treated for thirty years by allergists an pulmonologists for chronic bronchitis and asthma. With acupuncture from Bailing, my coughing and      breathing symptoms have greatly improved."

-Dr. Paula Nowick, Springfield MA


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