Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world.  

Acupuncture has been one of the principle means of medical treatment in China for more than 4,000 years. It developed over the centuries, gradually improving, until after 2,000 years it became a complete medical system. Today, acupuncture still remains an essential part of Chinese medicine

Over the last few decades, acupuncture has gained popularity in the United States. In 1993, the FDA estimated that Americans made up to 12 million visits per year to acupuncturists and spent upwards of half a billion dollars on acupuncture treatments. 

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), clinical studies have shown acupuncture to be effective for the treatment of nausea caused by surgical anesthesia, chemotherapy as well as pain following dental surgery. Acupuncture is also successful in treating headaches, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, facial pain, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome

Acupuncture can also enhance athletic performance, assist in blood pressure regulation,  chronic fatigue, asthma, stress reduction, arthritis, muscle cramping and weakness, neck pain,  gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, infertility, psycho-emotional disordersmigraines, and Parkinson's disease. Acupuncture has also been successful in helping many individuals with smoking cessation.  

For a complete list from the World Health Organization  of diseases and disorders that can be treated by acupuncture, please click the link below: &temp-new-window-replacement=true


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